Newborn Skincare Essentials Guide for First-Time Parents

Newborn-skincare-essentials.jpg Welcoming your new bundle of joy is equal parts exciting and nerve-racking. It’s no secret that a newborn’s skin is tender and delicate; thus, the first six critical months call for parents to provide extra care and protection as babies’ little bodies learn to cope with all the new environmental challenges.

However, with a plethora of baby products out there, it can be perplexing to make sense of the necessities for your toddler’s sustaining skincare regimen.

Are there specially formulated products in the market? What are the must-haves for baby toiletries? These are only a few questions posed by couples having a baby.

So whether you are a new parent or a soon-to-be one, Buds Organics, the world’s certified organic baby skincare experts have laid the groundwork for you by organising a step-by-step guide to help you select newborn essentials that will ensure your little bub is well taken care of.

Guide to Select Skincare Essentials for Newborns

1. Identify Baby Skin Type

Any indication that a baby may have skin problems raises red flags for expectant parents. Finding out your baby’s skin type should be the first step.

Like adults, they too have various skin conditions, so it’s paramount not only to identify what skin type they have but also to ascertain what ingredients trigger an allergic reaction.

Some of the common skin conditions we see in infants are:


Be it a diaper rash, milk rash or heat rash; these are common in newborns. Diaper rashes occur when their dirty diapers have not been changed for a long time, whereas heat rashes happen when babies are in clothing pieces that are too tight-fitting.

These rashes appear in the folds of their skin and creases because their sweat glands may be blocked. Milk rash stems from an allergic reaction to a specific type of cow’s milk (be it from formula or from mom’s breast milk), whereas drool or newborn rashes happen when baby’s skin is in contact with excessive saliva.

Dry Skin

Dry and peeling skin is a regular occurrence among infants alike. As your baby’s skin starts to adjust to its surroundings after being inside the comfort of the mother’s womb, where moisture is readily available, they will develop dry skin, which will resolve within one to two weeks.


Eczema, scientifically known as atopic dermatitis, appears differently on every baby’s skin. Babies with fairer skin have red patches, while babies with darker skin have greyish or purplish patches. These patches are almost always itchy and rough.

Cradle Cap

Cradle cap is a condition where the newborn’s scalp is flaky. It is not dandruff but red patches or yellow crusts on their scalp that are not painful.

2. During Bath Essentials

Buds-organics-newborn-bathing-shampoo.jpg Buds-organics-newborn-bathing-shampoos.jpg The primary essentials lie in these four categories: During bath time, after bath time, diaper changing and outdoor protection.

Once you’ve determined your baby’s skin condition, you can proceed to select the necessary products accordingly.

Avoid Harsh Chemical-Laden Soaps

During your baby’s shower, avoid harsh chemical-laden soaps that strip away moisture and irritate your baby’s skin. This step is especially crucial for newborns with dry skin, eczema and baby acne.

Instead, make sure to use head-to-toe cleansers free from sulphates, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, formaldehyde releasers, artificial fragrances, and preservatives like our Buds Cherished Organics Precious Newborn Head to Toe Cleanser and Infant Head to Toe Cleanser.

Choose Gentle Cleansers for Eczema

For babies suffering from eczema, gentle baby cleansers that are hydrating with prebiotics and a blend of clinically proven antibacterial plant actives will aid their skin to a speedy recovery and prevent future flare-ups.

Use Specially Formulated Cleansers for Cradle Cap

If your baby has a cradle cap, use a specially formulated cleansing lotion instead of a shampoo to help soothe and heal the skin. Buds Soothing Organics Flaky Scalp Cleansing Lotion is an extraordinarily gentle cleanser and highly nurturing with Jojoba and Sunflower Oils to keep your toddler’s hair soft. At the same time, Aloe Vera extract helps to subdue and hydrate the scalp.

Avoid Bubble Baths

Avoid bubble baths as the sulphate content produces foam and rich lather, which tends to dry baby’s skin. Keep to lukewarm water temperature for babies with sensitive skin and limit their bath time from ten to fifteen minutes. Refrain from bathing them too frequently, as once a day is sufficient.

3. After Bath Skincare Essentials

Buds-organics-newborn-after-bath-skincare.jpg When it comes to after-shower essentialities, oils and lotions rank first on the list, among other things.

Soft Microfibre Towel

After a bath, wipe them dry with a soft microfibre towel as this material is not harsh on their skin and absorbs water efficiently. This step is vital as moisturisers work best when the skin is hydrated.



Moisturise with everyday creams rich in fatty acids that strengthen the skin barrier and plant extracts such as Calendula and Olive Leaf that encourage skin regeneration. Some creams contain critical ingredients that protect your infant’s skin from pollutants and bacteria.

Baby Massage Oil

A baby massage oil, preferably scent-free, is a step you shouldn’t skip in their skincare routine. Massage the oil onto your baby in a circular motion to promote blood circulation and ease muscle development. This product is perfect for sensitive newborns but also makes an excellent base for aromatherapy massage if you are curious to experiment with essential oils.

Purchase some essential oils with lavender or rose aroma to help them drift off to slumber peacefully and some oils with Eucalyptus scent to help relieve a cold.

4. Diaper Changing Essentials

The recommended schedule for diaper changes for infants is every two to three hours. This is to prevent diaper rash due to bacterial infection of the faeces.

Unscented Wipes

Use unscented wipes to swipe your newborn’s bottom clean. Unscented wipes are a safe and straightforward method to clean the genital area thoroughly.

Diaper Balm

After wiping, apply a diaper balm to protect your newborn’s bottom from the next messy session in the most gentle, safe and natural way possible. Get a diaper balm rich in fatty acids, antioxidants and antibacterial properties like Tea Tree Oil to soothe and heal the skin. Buds-organics-diaper-balm.jpg

Diaper Rash Cream

Applying a layer of diaper rash cream is also important in keeping nappy rashes at bay. To encourage skin regeneration, use products with vital ingredients like Vitamin E and Olive Leaf Extract and avoid those containing zinc oxide.

5. Outdoor Protection Skincare Essentials

Parents-with-kids-at-outdoor.jpg When you’re out and about with your little one, you want to shield them from harmful weather patterns and pests.

Antibacterial Cream

Always carry an antibacterial cream for those emergencies where your baby needs to be treated for minor scratches, insect bites, skin irritation and small wounds.

Insect Repellent

Additionally, you’ll want to apply insect repellent lotion or spray to ward off pesky mosquitoes and heal existing insect bites. Buds Everyday Organics Mozzie Clear Lotion repels mozzies safely and naturally, with a pleasant scent of blended essential oils and Citronella. It simultaneously provides moisturisation and defences against dangerous free radicals.

Sunscreen with a Low SPF

As adults, wearing sunscreen preserves our skin barrier when having fun in the sun. However, when used on infants, these products may result in loss of protection and skin irritation.

To protect your baby’s skin from harmful ultraviolet rays, invest in a water-resistant sunscreen with a low SPF. Look for active ingredients that are moisturising, such as Aloe Vera or Fructan. Additionally, photo-stable elements, such as Titanium Dioxide, are proven to last on the skin’s surface for a long time.

Winter Moisturiser

Keep a winter moisturiser like Buds Cherished Organics Frost Defence if you’re travelling somewhere cold. This Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Oil and Shea Butter suffused balm helps create a moisturising and defensive barrier on exposed skin to keep the baby’s skin comfortable and hydrated. Apply to the face and hands, and your newborn is ready to greet the great outdoors.

Lip Balm

Shield your baby’s perfect pucker with a healing and nourishing lip balm. Choose lip balms that contain oils rich in omega-three and vitamins which strengthen the structure of the outer skin cells to prevent peeling. In addition, a fragrance-free formulation is preferable as it will not upset your infant’s delicate taste buds should the balm be accidentally ingested.

Alcohol-Free Sanitiser

Another essential carry-on is an alcohol-free sanitiser that is safe and does not dry out your baby’s skin to kill germs and bacteria during a day out. This item is great for times when there isn’t a convenient place to wash hands!

In a Nutshell

Taking care of a newborn baby is arduous work, but if you are reading this, we know that you care about making informed choices on what you buy and how you live.

We do too!

Visit our website at Buds Organics – Certified Organic Baby, Kids & Mother Skincare to gift your precious newborns the best start in life, Organically!

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