Is your life affected by Eczema?

is-your-life-affected-by-eczema.png “The rashes. The scratching. The weeping wounds. I remember it all so well. Even though it was not me who suffered from eczema, it broke my heart to see my baby daughter crying as she tried to scratch away the itchiness. Her sleep was also disturbed, as she would often wake crying from the discomfort.

When she was older and there were no mittens to cover her hands, her skin often broke from the scratching. Bath times were difficult as it hurt when water touched the broken skin. While other children love splashing in the bath tub, my daughter hated it as she associated it with pain thanks to eczema.

Going outdoors to play was also a challenge. The humidity and heat exacerbated her eczema. Rashes would appear and she would start scratching again. Her sweat would hurt any wounds from the scratching. Where going to the playground nearby should have been an easy option to bring children to, I must admit that it was not on our list of favourite outings. It was easier to stay indoors with her or bring her to the air-conditioned shopping malls.

I am thankful that at that young age, my daughter, although very uncomfortable and often in pain, was not yet self-conscious. And by the time she was older, her eczema had subsided significantly.”

For older children or adults who continue to suffer from eczema, they are aware of the rashes that cover a lot of their arms, legs, body or face, that are very visible to others. Their self-confidence suffer as there are the usual unwelcome comments on the rashes that cover a big part of their face or arms. They become even more self-conscious. The low self-confidence impacts on their social life, as they shy away from social gatherings to avoid being made fun of. Performance at school or work would inadvertently suffer too.

Eczema is harsh but the treatment needn’t be. Find out how to overcome Eczema the gentle, organic and steroid-free way in our following posts. Stay tuned!


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