Is It Normal For Babies To Have Cradle Cap?

baby-cradle-cap.jpg Cradle cap is a common condition that affects many newborns.

It is a scaly, yellowish, or white patch that appears on a baby’s scalp, causing dry and flaky skin. Despite its innocuous nature, it can be unsightly and cause concern for many parents.

This article will go over the causes, symptoms, and treatments for cradle cap, and its prevalence in babies.

What is Cradle Cap

What exactly is cradle cap? Cradle cap, also known as infant seborrheic dermatitis, is a type of infant skin irritation. It affects approximately 50% of all newborns and, while not harmful, can be uncomfortable for the baby.

The specific cause of cradle cap is uncertain; however it is thought to be related to an oil build-up in the skin and a yeast that exists naturally on the skin. The yeast overgrows, resulting in the formation of patches.

Changes in the mother’s hormone levels during pregnancy might potentially contribute to the formation of cradle cap.

Signs and Symptoms of Cradle Cap

baby-with-cradle-cap-600x400.jpg The signs and symptoms of cradle cap manifests as scaly, yellowish or white patches on the scalp, but it can also affect the face, neck, and ears. It can also produce redness, itching, and crustiness in the affected areas.

However, the spots are neither unpleasant nor irritating for your little one. Cradle cap normally goes away on its own after a few weeks or months, but there are a few remedies that can assist.

Effective Therapies For Cradle Cap

1. Soften the skin

BSO-Flaky-Scalp-Oil_100ml-01-600x600.jpg To soften the skin, apply baby oil loaded with Jojoba Oil and essential fatty acid-rich Inca Inchi such as Buds Soothing Organics Flaky Scalp Oil to the affected regions. Massage the area gently with your fingertips and allow it to absorb for an hour, at least, before brushing away the flakes.

2. Gentle Baby Cleansing Shampoo

BSO-Flaky-Scalp-Cleansing-Lotion_100ml-01-600x600.jpg Gently clean the afflicted areas with a mild cradle cap cleanser such as Buds Soothing Organics Flaky Scalp Cleansing Lotion. This gentle baby cleanser contains soothing Aloe Vera, hydrating Fructan and antioxidant rich Olive Leaf Extract combined with our mild sugar and amino acid derived cleanser offer extremely gentle and deeply nurturing cleansing, that aid in removing flakes and soothing the skin.

3. Keep The Skin Moisturise

To keep the skin moistened and stop further drying, use a moderate, fragrance-free moisturiser.

4. Brush Baby's Hair

To get rid of the flakes, gently brush the baby’s hair with a brush with soft bristles.

Is A Baby's Cradle Cap Normal?

Yes, cradle cap affects over 50% of all newborns and is fairly common. It is harmless and typically disappears on its own in a few weeks or months. Ask a doctor for guidance if you are worried about your baby’s cradle cap.

In A Nutshell

Many newborn babies suffer from the common skin condition known as cradle cap, which causes dry, flaky skin on the scalp and other parts of the body. Even while it isn’t harmful, many parents find a source of worry.

The right treatment such as a hydrating and nourishing scalp oil with a mild cleanser will hasten the healing process.

Keep in mind that cradle cap in babies is common and typically disappears on its own in a few weeks or months. For more information, visit Buds Organics – Certified Organic Baby, Kids & Mother Skincare.

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